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Herringbone Parquet

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

A true classic design that will always impress and give a sense of elegance to any property is the Herringbone patten. Originally installed with a two block border to frame the pattern and a 12mm expansion gap can now be installed without the border and without a threshold detail between rooms. Solid oak or solid wood parquet blocks can only be installed on subfloors that are structurally sound and no corners should be cut when preparing a subfloor to receive a herringbone style parquet floors. Also, please note that if you have installed an underfloor heating system then the engineered parquet blocks will be indicated to be used as opposed to solid wood as engineered wood is more structurally stable than solid wood and so it will not expand/contract with changes in temperature as much as solid wood would.

As the technology progressed you can now have an electronic device installed under your floor that will monitor the humidity levels under and above the parquet surface helping you better care for your floor so that the risk of damage in case of a leak or temperature/moisture being too high/low will be minimised. This device will connect via bluetooth to your mobile phone from where you can check the health status of your floor at anytime.

Installing a Herringbone style floor requires a very good understanding of how all building materials from the subfloor up will work together to provide you with the finished floor maximum life span.

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